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My name is Lori Scholle and I founded Scholle Family Nutrition to help families learn more about how the foods they eat can make a positive difference in their lives. I want you to know more about what I do and how it can benefit you and your family.


As a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and certified breastfeeding specialist (CBS), I thrive on sharing nutritional knowledge with families. My interest in food began in childhood with a joy of spending time in the kitchen learning about food and helping my mom create tasty food on a limited budget. My passion for and love of food, led me to an extensive career in the food and beverage industry, including major event and meeting planning. This work fulfilled my desire to be creative with food, but it also opened lingering questions for me about how to prepare menus for parties and conventions with a focus on healthy foods.


Everything changed when I became a mom for the first time and my passion, interest and career in food-related fields shifted to something more – it became an essential component of being a good mom. Seeking to ensure the overall health and well being of my baby I began to look for information on breastfeeding, infant and toddler feeding. I found some answers, but wanted to know more. I became interested in the work that registered dietitian nutritionists so, focusing on good nutrition and eating for wellness. All my interests and passions about food, which had evolved into a need to know about healthy food, coalesced. With renewed passion, I returned to Georgia State University and completed my nutrition education and an extensive clinical internship.


Today we know more than ever about eating right for good health. But that doesn’t always translate into our daily lives. We know that the family table is also an important way to connect with our kids and bring family together. Busy moms and working parents may not have the time to learn how to shop, cook and create balanced nutrition for themselves and their families. I am here to help bring better overall health to busy families through better nutrition and to help parents give their kids a great start in life.


As a mother of three always-very-hungry growing boys, I understand the challenges of trying to feed a family with crazy schedules. My passion and experience in food and how to select and prepare healthy foods for a growing family, provides me with unique skills to bring nutritional advice and education to individuals and families. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with individuals and families to help them realistically accomplish goals of eating healthy foods. Establishing healthy habits and arming ourselves with knowledge is a lifelong gift we can give our loved ones – our children and our families.


I have gained the expertise to help families share in the joy and knowledge of implementing the simple, daily need for nourishment that is so very essential throughout our lives. You can do this, you can give this to yourself and your family and I can help you get there.


With nourishing thoughts,


Lori Scholle,

Scholle Family Nutrition

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