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Cool Off With Healthy Popsicles!

Posted 5 years ago by Lori Scholle

Summertime is hot!  With all of the activities that kids enjoy outdoors it is helpful to have fun and healthy ways to cool off.  A popsicle is an excellent way to cool you off and provide some hydration.  Store bought popsicles are easy but you risk giving your children artificial dyes and a whole lot of unnecessary sugar.   One way to avoid this is to make your own popsicles.  It is really easy and could also be a fun activity for your kids during the long summer days!  All you need to do is purchase a simple popsicle mold such as ones sold at Target or on Amazon.  Once you get the mold there are endless possibilities to cool off with healthy popsicles!  Here are a few of our favorite recipes to try!

Fruit Salad Popsicle

Slice or dice your favorite fresh fruits and place them down in the popsicle molds. Fill the remaining space in the mold with water and freeze.

Strawberry Orange Popsicles
1 quart orange juice
2 cups strawberries fresh or frozen
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 tablespoon of honey

Blend till smooth. Pour into molds and freeze.

Recipe courtesy of www.yourorganicchild.com

Freeze your Favorite Smoothie

Another way to use the molds is to make your favorite smoothie and place it in the molds and freeze.  Below are some great fruit combinations to try or let your kids get creative and make their own!

  • Strawberry, banana
  • Apple, peach, banana
  • Pineapple, blueberry, banana
  • Mango, blueberry, banana
  • Raspberry, apple, banana
  • Kiwi, banana, strawberry
  • Strawberry, mango, banana